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At Audio Imperia, our love for music has always driven us. The endless landscapes that can be crafted through chords, notes, and harmonies have become our playground; we revel in every composition, every melody. This fascination has evolved into a deep exploration of music creation, leading us to develop our acclaimed range of virtual instruments.

The desire to share our love for music led us to create Maestro. At Maestro, you can learn everything you need to know to make music and join a community of likeminded artists, where you can share your passion, develop your skills and build you career. 

Adam Harvey


A media composer with over 15 years experience, Adam has composed for feature films, TV, commercials, and trailers, for brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Blizzard, and Warhammer 40,000. Having developed a strong understanding of how to compose for the screen, he is now excited to share his knowledge and experience with a new generation of musicians. 


Jan Hoeglund

Course Producer

With 15 years working in the music industry, Jan has a diverse range of expertise. His career spans artist management (Periphery, We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, The Safety Fire, etc.), musician on video game scores (session guitars on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Madden NFL 13, etc.), producing trailer music for blockbuster campaigns (Aquaman, Star Wars Mandalorian, The Lost City, Ready Player One, Mission Impossible 7, Diablo 4, Destiny 2, UFC, etc) and founding award-winning orchestral tools maker Audio Imperia. 


Oliver Trigg

Creative Director

Brought up through the nebula of classical music and performance training, and a recent composition graduate from the Royal Welsh Music and Drama - Ollie has lived through the standard of current musical education for 15 years. Having worked in product development in Audio Imperia, he is now striving to push the boundaries in the delivery of this teaching, and further develop the ability to let music education appeal to the masses. 


Freddy Parkington

Editor and Motion Graphic Designer

Previously working for Evenant as their in-house course video editor and producer from 2020-2022, since then Freddy has worked on projects for clients including; Coca Cola Euro Pacific, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, as well as a large variety of Audio Imperia products & productions.